The Department of B.com(ISM) was started with the blessings of our Founder couple and Management after Sri.M.Venkatesaperumal, B.A., F.C.A, took charge as Secretary of our college with effect from 1.4.2001 as his immediate achievement, when systems and management played a major role in the development of the student’s progress. The Students make use of Commerce Lab for their practical knowledge.


  • The main aim of the department is to make students efficient in both Management and Information Technology.
  • Create and build a strong student community with Inter-Disciplinary knowledge.
  • To materialize the management skills along with system proficiency.


Tech primo is the association formed exclusively for the students of ISM to inculcate leadership qualities and bestow responsibilities to the student community.

Under Tech-Primo various activities are conducted every year by the staff and students contributions:

  • Conclave.
  • Guest lectures.
  • Seminars.
  • Workshops.
  • Industrial Visits.
  • Inter-collegiate competitions.
  • Management games.
  • Paper presentation competitions for students.

The alumni of B.Com (I.S.M.) are placed in reputed organizations across the globe where the students have excelled both in IT field as well as Top Managerial positions.

Mrs. M. Mohanapriya, M.B.A.,M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor & Head

Years of experience : 11 yrs

Email : mpshreeya9@gmail.com

Dr. T. Rubini, M.Com.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor

Years of experience : 12 yrs

Email : rubinit1@gmail.com

Dr. Preetha, MSc.,M.Phil.,NET.,

Assistant Professor

Years of experience : 17.6 yrs

Email : preethahari1980@gmail.com

Mrs. S. Harini, MBA,PGDBM,(M.COM)

Assistant Professor

Years of experience : 1 yrs

Email : harinisai@gmail.com


Te department of Information System Management created a benchmark in the history of DRBCCC Hindu college by organizing “digital marketing conclave 2K18” with the contemporary theme of “Role of digital marketing in the globlised economy” 2018.Te motto behined ,is to motive the student to instilled the core value and assimilate knowledge and skill for converting aspiration into reality.


The wall of Tech-Primo is a new initiative taken by the department wherein the idle class room wall is converterd into conceptual frame work. Each wall comprises of 3 disciplines viz management , commerce & computer science. it makes students  have an visual treat in their class rooms 


This Training provides Hands-on learning experience by experts to students on smart phones, where they get greater exposure on its applicability and students where preaper the service  the smart phones on their own and also to become an entrepreneur which creates global exposure.


It inducts to organize workshop on Photoshop beyond the syllabus, in this connection, the department organised a workshop for all the students of ISM. Peer group training method was adopted to train the students. The main motto of the workshop is to gain knowledge in Photoshop application which is an incredibly useful skill due to its wide range of applications. It is an exciting and enlightening programme through which one can create album covers, posters, design websites, craft their own business cards, enhance their photos, make collages, create digital illustrations, and build 3D renderings. The main goal of this workshop is to get exposure in setting up of Photoshop- canvas, editing images, adding typography, controlling colour and creating compositions.  The participants of the workshop were also given opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills through projects.


 The department every year takes students for Industrial visits to industries to bridge the gap between industry and institution. This year the students were taken to Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. Kancheepuram, were the final year students were given insight knowledge on industry and it’s applicability.


  • Seminar on Logistics & Shipping
  • Employability Skill Development
  • Power Point Presentation on Commerce & Management
  • Industrial visit to Hatsun agro products ltd.
  • Digital Literacy Show


  • Intra Department Paper Presentation Competitions on Computer Topics
  • Intra Department Paper Presentation Competitions on Management Topics
  • Intra Departmental Competitions on Commerce Topics


  • Seminar on Cyber Terrorism
  • Paper Presentation Competition – Computer Topics
  • Paper Presentation Competitions – Management Topics


  • Seminar on Basics of Android and Java Technology in Android OS
  • Workshop of Cloud Infrastructure Service
  • Paper Presentation Programme on Management Topics
  • Seminar on SEBI and its Role in Framing Economy
  • Paper Presentation Programme on Computer Topics
  • Sysman Novatia – 2K15


  • Sysman-Influencia Intra departmental Competitions


Mrs. M.Mohanapriya, M.B.A.,M.Phil.,

Number of papers published in conference              : 06

Number of workshop and FDP/Seminar attended   : 23

Mrs. T.Rubini, M.Com.,M.Phil.,

Number of papers published in journals                   : 02

Number of papers published in conference              : 05

Number of workshop and FDP/Seminar attended   : 15

Mrs.P.K.Dhanalakshmi, M.B.A.,M.Phil.,NET.,

Number of papers published in conference              : 10

Number of workshop and FDP/Seminar attended   : 13

Dr.N.Preetha. M.C.A., M.Phil., Ph.D

Number of papers published in journals                   : 02

Number of papers published in conference              : 02

Number of workshop/FDP/Seminar attended        : 10