Knowledge Centre acts as a one-stop centre for accessing knowledge on different subjects / topics of interest to users.

  • Establishing connectivity between knowledge and information sharing.
  • Presenting information video clippings.
  • Smart class presentations.
  • Contributing and sharing new thoughts and ideas.
  • News & Announcements related to latest developments in the field of knowledge.
  • Collecting information from projects, literature, experts etc. on various topics and make them accessible in database form.
  • Facilitating video conferencing sessions.

Interactive sessions / Quiz / activities are conducted on daily basis to different batches of students by external resource persons, faculty members and students on different topics beyond syllabus.




  • Personality Enrichment Classes:

Mr N.Anandraj, Assistant Professor, Business Administration is conducting classes for final year UG students.

Interactive sessions on general topics were conducted by various staff members and students on daily basis.



  • Inauguration of English Communication Skills:

Inaugurated on 16.06.2016. Thiru T.K.Navukkarasu, Retired  Teacher, DRBCCC High.Sec. School Thiruvallur  conducted the classes.



  • Finishing School Programme for III year students:

    Conducted from 08.06.2015 to 22.06.2015 for III year students.

    Mr M.K.Anand and his Team, See Change Consulting conducted the programme.



  • Communication Skills for II year students:

            Conducted from 08.06.2015 to 20.06.2015 for II year students. Dr S.RM.Sokkalingam, Programme Director, Versatile Corporate Solution, Egmore, Chennai and his team                                               conducted the programme.



  • Commenced activities in the Cunnan Knowledge Centre:

            Commenced activities in Knowledge Centre from 01.07.2015. Our college faculty members and eminent external professionals have conducted interactive sessions on various                                      topics beyond syllabus.

           The interactive sessions are being  conducted on all the working days for one hour from 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 Noon.

  • Digital Literacy Programme:

Inaugurated on 10.02.2016. The two week programme was conducted for 60 III year students of Shift 1 & 20 III year students of Shift 2 at Cunnan Block Computer Lab. The                                          classes were handled by computer staff.



  • Students teaching in Schools :

‘Under College Social Responsibility’ 10 Computer Science and 8 Computer Application students have started teaching computer papers at Govt Higher Secondary School, Pattabiram                        from 02.07.2014.


  • Workshop for Computer Science Students :

   One day workshop on ‘Recent Trends in Information Technology’ was conducted on 17.09.2014

   Resource Persons:

   Dr Sathyanarayana,

   Principal, Sindhi College

   Mr K. Adhivarahan,

   Counsellor & Psychotherapist


  • One day workshop on Dynamic Entrepreneurship:

    Conducted on 27.09.2014 for 100 students drawn from different classes

    Resource Persons:

    Sri P.C.Praveen Kumar, E.P.B.M., (IIM – Kolkata) Director, National Cyber Safety Ltd

    Sri Tirumala C.S. Sundaram, General Manager, HMG Foundation, Chennai

    Mr N.Balasubramanian, Sr. Manager (Faculty) Indian Overseas Bank.

    Project preparation & funding were highlighted.


  • Winter Vacation Camp from 12.14 to 30.12.14:

           Winter Vacation Camp on English Communication Skills was conducted to I year students from 18.12.2014 to 30.12.2014.  11 Staff members of English Department (Day – 3 & Eve – 8)                    took the classes.


  • Student Leadership Development Programme:

         Student Leadership Development Programme was conducted on 02.01.2015 for Prospective Rank holders.



  • Financial Planning for Young Investors

Dr N.Rajendra Naidu, Director presented ‘Financial Planning for Young Investors’ on 20.03.2015.

40 III year students of B.Com & B.Com A/F have attended the programme.




  • DGCS online test awareness programme

Mr M.K. Anand, Member, Skill Development Sub-committee, Andhra Chamber of Commerce has addressed final year students of Shift-2 stressing the importance of self assessment for                    future guidance by way of DGCS online test on  18.12.2013


  • Interactive Programme:

An interactive programme for students ‘Capacity Building & Personality Development’ was conducted by Dr R.Christodas Gandhi , IA.S. (Rtd).   (July 2013)



  • Special Lecture on ‘Water Scarcity’:

A special lecture on ‘Water Scarcity – Natural or Manmade’ was arranged for science students. Mr S.Natesan, Director, Exnora Environmental Research Institute, Chennai was the Chief                   guest.  (July 2013)



  • Awareness programme on ‘Personality Development’

          An Awareness programme on ‘Personality Development’ was conducted for third year Science Students (Shift-2).Mr K.Baskaran, ITO, Public Relations was the Resource Person. (August                2013)



 Winter Vacation Camp

  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation & Personality Enrichment
  • Thinking Big – Let’smake it a Habit
  • Go, Grow, Glow


  • Information Technology Career Programme for students

A power point presentation on I.T. Career was conducted on 4th March 2014 for the benefit of II & III students of the Departments of Computer Science, Computer Application and                          Information Systems Management. Mr Justin, Software Engineer, Live Wire Organisation was the chief guest.



  • Power Seminar on Recent Developments in I.T:

A power seminar was conducted on 6th March 2014 in association with ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu. Mr Ganesh Hariharan, Project Manager Wipro Technologies was the Resource                            Person.



  • Awareness Programme on Company Secretaryship course : 

An awareness programme on Company Secretaryship course (ACS) was organised for the benefit of Corporate Secretaryship students. Dr.V.Balaji Assistant Educational Officer, Institute                of Company Secretaries of India, Chennai Region conducted the programme.



  • Awareness programme on ‘Personality Development’ :

An Awareness programme on ‘Personality Development’ was conducted for third year Science Students (Shift-2).  Mr K.Baskaran, ITO, Public Relations was the Resource Person.


  • Capacity Building Training Programme for S.C students:

A two day ‘Capacity Building Training Programme on Personality Development and Youth Leadership’ for 50 S.C students (Shift-1) was conducted on 25th and  26th October 2013. Four                Resource persons have conducted the programme on various topics.